Mother’s Day at Olivas Adobe

Olivas Adobe Mother’s Day Show

Well, here we go again. Another fresh batch of paintings is now hanging at the Olivas Adobe, in the little adobe located in Ventura, California.

Laura Jespersen and I are please to share with you new paintings that we have been recently working on. How recent?

Well, I finished two paintings yesterday, Artist’s Day at Rancho Camulos & Acres of Color. Both are acrylic on canvas and feature roses.

Artist’s Day at Rancho Camulos

Artist’s Day at Rancho Camulos
Acrylic on canvas

I have chronic insomnia so painting in the morning is my Everest. What’s yours? I was happy that I would see old painting buddies and there was the promise of breakfast too. Perfect.

Here it is at the end of the first day. This painting took three sessions to complete. On April 29th at 10:30 a.m., I started painting part of the rancho, a tiny rose garden, palms and a giant tree in the background. The scene was backlit and saturated with color, my two favorite elements to put into a painting.

Welcome to my world. My Coulter easel, water bottle, brushes, rag, sealed palette, water with wet brushes, viewfinder & a level. Perfection

On May 3rd and 4th I finished this painting.

My goal is to finish my paintings on site. I have been getting faster, little by little and now I have a plan, to hopefully, finish my painting the same day.

I will be painting later today, Thursday May 5th. Wish me luck! I bought new brushes and I will be using cardboard to see if that helps. If it works I will report back!

Now let me tell you about the second painting

Acres of Roses

Here I am starting the painting. I love painting at Otto & Sons Nursery because they let me paint wherever I want, pretty sweet!
Here’s a close up( work in progress) of the foreground roses. They are coming along nicely!

For each painting I create I always have a idea I am trying to get across. For this one, I wanted to transport to this place.

Welcome to my studio

Acres of color studio time- almost done!
Acres of Roses
Acrylic on canvas

Both of these paintings are now on my website in Originals.

I am getting ready for a print sale soon and I will be including these paintings too.

If you ever want to see one of my paintings via FaceTime or Zoom, just ask.

Thanks for reading my journey & take care

Published by Lisa Mahony

Lisa Mahony is an American contemporary artist who paints scenes of California and abstracts too. Visit my site at to buy original paintings, prints, totes and more. I am currently showing at Olivas Adobe in Ventura, California. Follow me on FB at & IG @lisamahonyartist and @venturacountypaintings

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