Happy New Year Painting

Happy New Year 2022! Thanks to everyone who watched the live painting session. It was really nice to see some friends and new faces on Facebook.

Below is the highlights of the painting session.

Well this was a fun painting to create. I started it on New Year’s eve and finished it on New Year’s Day 2022. This painting is for an upcoming show all about florals, owls and vistas.

As I go about my day I take a little 3.5 x 5″ sketchpad and I will stop when I see something that catches my eye. Fences, stepping stone, a pond, the promise of Spring. All of that is in here along with some little things too.

Happy New Year to all and may we find moments of happiness, no matter how fleeting, throughout the year.

Happy New Year Painting 2022
Happy New Year 2022 Painting Movie, about a minute long

More work is coming so I hope you will visit my website. Maybe it will inspire you to paint, laugh, read or walk. I love walking and discovering things along the way.

This painting isn’t available till March but the prints are available now. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

All the best,



Let’s talk about the studio headspace

Hello there, I thought I would write down some things that have helped me along the way. My hope is this helps other creatives in their journeys. I would also love to hear what helps you! I love being connected to the wider world.

Palette knife floral study

Painting first of all is a tactile process. It is juicy and gooey. I love mixing paint and then swiping it onto the canvas or wood. It brings you right into the moment.

I like that about painting. Sometimes, I’ll lose my focus and then I’ll have to slow down and reconnect. I’ll even have to redo a section if I get lost in the lovely paint! I try and stay loose and happy while I’m painting.

This isn’t always an easy process for me. I try and leave my expectations and worries at the door. I found that writing down my worries on paper helps. Building a task list is another one. There is something powerful about crossing something off on a paper list.

Once that is done, I can come to the work with clear eyes. Noise is another big problem for me. I usually am wearing noise canceling headphones when I work. It blocks out lawnmowers and barking dogs. The best time for me is when everyone has gone to bed. No noise at all!

I’m trying to create an upbeat atmosphere so I can keep going and relax into mixing color and working on sticking with my plan. I have to fight against changing mid painting! I do this by writing down the intrusive new idea and using it for the next painting, possibly.

Finally, the most important step. Protecting my mindset. Staying focused, relaxed, adapting to The negative self talk can be a real problem. I do little things to combat it. Making a schedule, watching deadlines and allowing myself time in the studio to get things done. I have a stack to finish or just start over on.

That might be the next step because I have a floral show coming up and I need to create a positive plan for that. Recycling paintings sometimes has to be done to move forward.

I will share with you a little painting video soon so you can see a floral come to life.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!


Shining Sea 8×10”

Embarking on a new journey

Painting in Plein Air at Olivas Adobe
yup, that’s me in June 2021 weeks after surgery

Back to experimenting

I am a curious person. Too curious at times. I hope this quest for knowledge will be easier than all the others. Ha! I am perpetually optimistic in the beginning of every journey. Probably, that is what helps me to get to the other side…eventually.

Walking at Low Tide 8×10” acrylic on birch Lisa Mahony

Take this painting. This nice little painting that I am no longer happy with. It needs more. People simply walk by it. Right now they don’t even see it. It is hard to compete out there against the old masters and modern masters. Everyone sees the best of the best on their phones. After three months of watching people walk by, I came up with a solution; it’s time to take it to the next level.


Suburban Nights

July 9th, 2021

First off, some good news, I started walking again today! What a relief. After a little stroll, I had to ice my ankle, easy. I didn’t think I would be walking till after Labor Day, so I’m over the moon right now.

Suburban Nights
Suburban Night
limited edition
lovely textures

While icing my ankle, I decided to start working again and finish this painting, Suburban Nights. I started it in 2019 and set it aside for other deadlines. Now, was the perfect time to do some digital painting on the couch. I drink hot chocolate, snuggle up under a blanket. Add a sleeping cat and I am all set!

Walking after dark was one of my favorite things to do. My family and friends would get worry but I felt safe because this it what it looked like: deserted.

I’d walk by open windows smelling popcorn and home cooked second helpings. I would hear snatches of conversations, tv dialogues and snoring. Pizza delivery drivers and teenagers would cross my path, sometimes not even seeing me. It was all rather blissful.

Every once in a while I would encounter a dog walker, or a couple out on a walk. We would do a little wave and avoid each other to enjoy the night a little longer.

I don’t know if I will ever start walking again after dark because I need to make smart decisions about my ankle. Painting a memory, preserves it and it is a lovely way to paint.

If you want a memory painted, email me at lisa.mahony2018@gmail.com

All the best,

Magical Malibu

Malibu Nights 1
8” x 10”

I don’t know why Malibu feels so magical, other than all the films it’s been in and the idealized way of life. Wait a minute…yeah, that’s probably it.

Malibu Nights 2
8” x 10”

One night, my youngest daughter and I were coming back from a wonderful weekend on Santa Cruz Island with her eighth grade class. Being stuck in traffic allowed me to observe the day fading away and the night settling in. It was so dramatic that I took some photos and later created these digital paintings. I should really say, here are my three versions of Malibu Nights.

Malibu Nights 3
8” x 10”

I did a series because depending on the time, weather or season, you will get completely different colors from the same view.

Which one do you like best? Or do you like any? I wanted to do something dramatic and colorful.

I will be making prints this month (July 2021), 10” x 8” to start. Let me know if you you want a 20” x 16”

Take care,


Painting The Beach, From My Couch

Foggy Morning at the Ventura Estuary
Digital painting
Various sizes available

I am still on bed rest until after Labor Day. Ugh. Breaking up the boredom train, during bed rest is the order of the day. Since I can’t paint on location, I had to find a work around.

My solution is to have my Plein Air Thursday cohost send me a couple of photos from the location and I paint along with the group. Phew, boredom averted!

Right now, it is digital painting but as soon as I can sit up, I will be using my beloved acrylics once more.

Digital painting is a valid form of painting and many people are surprised to know that I do both. I strive to make my digital work have a life of its own. My digital work comes in a variety of sizes too. From a 5×7 card up to 30 x 40 inches. It is quite gratifying working with a collector on choosing the surface. Presentation is everything and there is a lot to choose from.

Thanks for visiting,


All Of My Prints Sold!

It is satisfying, knowing that my work is being collected. I hope that I am bringing a little joy, reflection or a calming element to others.

Tomorrow I will start working on my new print series. Before I broke my ankle, I had nine paintings to finish. I was able to finish three before my pain level dictated that I rest.

Tide Change
40” x 60”

These will be printed small, 8” x 10” matted prints that are ready to frame in an 11” x 14” frame.

They can also be hand painted, varying slightly, to fit in a specific place in your home or office. As we are getting back to work and hoping for better days, brightening your environment is a great way to lift your mood.

I still have paintings at the gallery, there are seven or eight paintings left and there are some originals in the bins too.

You can see my work at Harbor Village Gallery & Gifts Too, located in Ventura California. Or you can make an appointment with me to talk about options and purchasing.

As always, I am grateful you stopped by.

Take care,


Healing is all I am thinking about right now.

Plein Air is a good way to capture local scenes

Bates Beach, California

This is a plein air painting that was 90% done in 2019.

I broke my ankle on May 24th 2021 and I am on bed rest till Labor Day.

Painting is too difficult for me right now, since I am on my back with my ankle elevated after surgery.

I have just started to work again an hour here and there. Mostly, I am resting because my ankle easily swells up and makes me miserable.

Now it is done. It is a mixed media piece that I will be making prints of and delivering them to Harbor Village Gallery & Gifts Too in Ventura, California. They will arrive in early July 2021.

Take care out there,


What’s New with You?

Hello there,

I hope you are enjoying your summer, I know I am. August is almost over and I am looking ahead to what’s coming up. Great things are on the horizon and I am grateful to be doing so much. Here is the run down.

I just made my first logo from scratch! That was a hard one to think of what says YOU in one image. I picked what I wear often, my blue beret with it’s sassy grey piping and matching bow. This has started a lot of conversations and says, ta-da, I’m here! Kids love my beret and it is a way for other artists to recognize me and introduce themselves. I try and wear it when I am working and don’t need a giant sunhat. Paint outs can be so hot! I also wear it when I use my iPad to digitally paint in museums, at the park, in the mall. I don’t shop at the mall, unless you count me shopping for figures. I could be drawing you right now.

August News

August 28th- I was lied to! I was told by one ranger a month ago, that McGrath State Beach was open, since there wasn’t any more rains. So I scheduled it for my Plein Air Wednesday group. It was not open. It happens unfortunately. Nobody went, phew. I had to run out to Ventura, so I ended up painting at a friend’s house in gouache. Painting with friends is better than painting alone. This is a little gouache painting in under 30 minutes. Later that night I started an oil painting. I am giddy with excitement to share but it is in its ugly duckling stage right now. Tomorrow I will finish at least one oil painting to share with you.

Flowers in bloom

August 30th – I will be painting rural scenes tomorrow! I am hoping to get up early enough to meet some of my neighbors.

Day 1  of a 31 day painting challenge.  I painted this in 30 minutes and was happy eating my cold food because I liked the painting.
My breakfast, one day I had to paint this, 30 minutes and bam I was done. Mostly, I could eat!

August 31st – Gouache on the Go! My Saturday morning class at the Ventura Botanical Gardens There are some spots left, buy the whole gouache kit, or bring a watercolor sketchbook and intense pencils or watercolor pencils and paint with me. I love teaching people how to enjoy painting. Use the link to sign up.

Upcoming in September

Time to paint

September 8th – Lisa Mahony’s Acrylic Demonstration will be at The Depot in Santa Paula. I was asked to demonstrate by the Santa Paula Society for the Arts on September 8th at 2 p.m. Join me if and learn how a working artist starts a painting, keep her energy up and creates something before your eyes. I have been winning awards, get accepted to shows and selling. This year, has been my best year yet. Are you looking for a teacher? This is a great opportunity to see if you would like to study with me. Plus, I will also have some acrylic paintings for sale. You never know what you’ll find, it could be just the piece you were looking for!

Late Night Shopping Trip, Crossing La Loma Bridge, oil on panel painting by flashlight can be quite exciting

September 10th- Old Mill art reception 5:30-7:30 p.m. The link takes you to the official California Art Club Exhibition page, our group show is the second one. I am honored to be showing with this prestigious group. The Old Mill’s address is 1120 Old Mill Rd, San Marino, CA 91108

Come Sail with Me, oil on canvas, 16″ x 20″ framed $1800.00

September 15th is the last day for our Member’s Show. Come Sail with Me, oil on canvas. This beauty will be on exhibit at Harbor Gallery and Gifts . Come see it in a gallery setting, by far the best way to see a painting. This painting won a merit award and people have been asking about it as well. I suggest, seeing it in person, otherwise it comes home with me. At that point, I will look for another gallery to show it in. My July, Outstanding merit winner, found a new home and also was in The Breeze newspaper. Thank you, to all of my collectors. It is one of the reasons I paint; creating pieces that connect with people.

bye for now