Let’s talk about Surfaces

Painting is a sensual process as well as a tactile process. It is one of the things I really enjoy about painting. I use different surfaces to share my message. The message could be simply joy, exploring or telling a story about a place.

It is exciting to explore surfaces and I’ve come up with a few favorites. I like working on wood, canvas, linen and sometimes even paper. Wood is a wonderful surface to work on. Sometimes, I need the stiffness or in flexibility of wood in order to aid in creation. I’m experimenting right now with my latest work to figure out how to make my paintings have more…

I almost let the cat out of the bag on that one! I don’t want to say before I’ve actually accomplished what I want.

Let’s just say I’m looking for a little more nuance in my paintings.

That’s what painting is all about for me; exploration, refining and then telling a story. The story at this point is how refined I want to get or how tactile I want the painting to be. Each surface style has it’s merits. Recently, I have been leaning towards using palette knives.

With this technique, I’m going for more joy and instantaneous excitement. Sometimes it doesn’t work out but that’s how it goes.

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