I see everything in black and white

So I’ve been looking at my work lately and trying to figure out what the next step would be to continue my journey in painting. Showing artwork at the Ventura county fair allowed me to see my painting as an observer, a valuable experience. I noticed good areas in my painting A Perfect Moment, andContinue reading “I see everything in black and white”

Let’s talk about the studio headspace

Hello there, I thought I would write down some things that have helped me along the way. My hope is this helps other creatives in their journeys. I would also love to hear what helps you! I love being connected to the wider world. Painting first of all is a tactile process. It is juicyContinue reading “Let’s talk about the studio headspace”

Embarking on a new journey

Back to experimenting I am a curious person. Too curious at times. I hope this quest for knowledge will be easier than all the others. Ha! I am perpetually optimistic in the beginning of every journey. Probably, that is what helps me to get to the other side…eventually. Take this painting. This nice little paintingContinue reading “Embarking on a new journey”