Embarking on a new journey

What does that mean?

Painting Live at the Santa Paula Art Museum for their summer auction.
June 2019

A whole lot of experiments and note taking. Creating small studies where a lot of them will be not quites. I have reached a level that I was happy with for six months but I couldn’t find the time to advance. That broken ankle didn’t help either. Skill building is hard work so, it is time for working in secret.

It also means pulling out of the gallery that I am currently in. December 2021, is my last month. I have sold the most paintings ever in that gallery. It was great to test things out but I need to return to the studio to level up.

Once I get a solid body of new work (30 paintings), then I will start looking for a new gallery. One that is a little more geared for my work. Haha, look at me, dreaming of the next step.

Part 2 The Big Floral Show in March 2022

While I am experimenting away in the studio, I will still be going out into the world. Plein Air Thursday’s will still be happening where I will be painting with friends and newcomers. I will also be getting ready for my Forals and Vistas Show starting on March 13th, 2022. Laura Jespersen and I will have a two person show at Olivas Adobe in Ventura, California. More information to come with studies, sneak peaks and videos of me painting. It will be on my website in January. There will even be a surprise!

Anymore Future Plans?

Well yes, as a matter of fact…

I am looking forward to painting more animals. I painted a few at the Harbor Village Gallery & Gifts Too, that was a lot of fun. I will try for my last month there, to challenge myself to do two more.

I will paint an otter and a whale. Pictures in the next post!

Bye for now

Thank you all for following my journey.

Published by Lisa Mahony

Lisa Mahony is an American contemporary artist who paints scenes of California and abstracts too. Visit my site at https://www.LisaMahonyFineArt.com to buy original paintings, prints, totes and more. I am currently showing at Olivas Adobe in Ventura, California. Follow me on FB at https://www.facebook.com/lisa.mahony.paints & IG @lisamahonyartist and @venturacountypaintings

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