Magical Malibu

Malibu Nights 1
8” x 10”

I don’t know why Malibu feels so magical, other than all the films it’s been in and the idealized way of life. Wait a minute…yeah, that’s probably it.

Malibu Nights 2
8” x 10”

One night, my youngest daughter and I were coming back from a wonderful weekend on Santa Cruz Island with her eighth grade class. Being stuck in traffic allowed me to observe the day fading away and the night settling in. It was so dramatic that I took some photos and later created these digital paintings. I should really say, here are my three versions of Malibu Nights.

Malibu Nights 3
8” x 10”

I did a series because depending on the time, weather or season, you will get completely different colors from the same view.

Which one do you like best? Or do you like any? I wanted to do something dramatic and colorful.

I will be making prints this month (July 2021), 10” x 8” to start. Let me know if you you want a 20” x 16”

Take care,


Published by Lisa Mahony

Lisa Mahony is an American contemporary artist who paints scenes of California and abstracts too. Visit my site at to buy original paintings, prints, totes and more. I am currently showing at Olivas Adobe in Ventura, California. Follow me on FB at & IG @lisamahonyartist and @venturacountypaintings

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